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Chapter Publication: Show Me. Getting YouTube Videos to Your Students Through SEO

The Chapter

I had previous experience with Search Engine Optimization and started to apply it to both the website and the social media at Shoreline Community College when I was given relevant roles there. As soon as I saw an opportunity with YouTube videos I took advantage of the growing content and experimented with the channel to see if we could both attract new viewers and use it as a convenient teaching tool for instructors. I'm excited about the results and was pretty satisfied with the methods I describe in the chapter. 

Social Media : the academic library perspective.

Being included in a peer reviewed publication was exciting and enriching for me as a librarian. I mostly engaged with Nina Verishagen, exchanging many drafts and getting so much appreciated feedback. But I also had a wonderful experience getting a sneak peek at one of the other chapters. I enjoyed the other chapter so much and found it enjoyable and exciting to pass along what I hoped was valuable feedback. 

A Peer Reviewed Publication

From a personal perspective as a writer, I found the feedback enlightening and interesting. There were so many different writing styles. My attention was mostly on correct grammar and I noticed that my editor was so much more interested in making sure the text was clear and easy to use. 

I could tell that the editor's priority was to produce a usable and practical handbook for the academic librarian who is ready to get started with social media.

Social Media: The Academic Library Perspective 

The book is now available online and through the publisher's website. You can find it at many libraries as well! Click the title above to view information about the book on Worldcat which will also have links to many online retailers.