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CLAMS Conference 2017: La Vida LibGuides

Living La Vida LibGuides


My presentation was on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and I talked about the organizational checklists we use at Shoreline Community College to apply our best practices to the website. To find out more about La Vida LibGuides, I have a resources page with the slides, handout, and a literature review on my site here: LibGuides  

Lauren presenting La Vida LibGuides at CLAMS 2017

My lovely colleague, Chloe took this picture of me presenting Living La Vida LibGuides at CLAMS 2017

CLAMS Conference Highlights

The theme for the CLAMS 2017 conference centered on making libraries more inclusive, welcoming, and working to improve ourselves as librarians. I enjoyed each one of the presentations which ranged from one about microaggressions to a delightful perspective of how Albert Camus would handle the current political climate.


I was inspired by the presentation about using zines in the classroom and was delighted to see some connections to some of the projects that are already going on in my library such as our makerspace. 


The final day of the conference ended with possibility of change on the horizon for CLAMS. We learned about WLA and ACRL and were faced with the decision to have CLAMS join one or both of these organizations which we were told would help with the organization of future conferences and administrative tasks.