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Google needs us. They want quality information to rise to the top and librarians are great content authors.

The foundation of La Vida LibGuides is that every librarian has something unique to say from a valuable perspective. Restricting content too much can result in redundant content. The guidelines in La Vida LibGuides focus on making each guide accessible, fulfill usability standards, and discoverable through a search engine.


La Vida LibGuides Weekly Checklists

La Vida LibGuide Tools

  • W3C Validator: this checks for technical problems like tables and bad linking. The errors are hard to interpret, but it can be a helpful tool for LibGuide admins. LibGuides has 2 errors that always show up no matter what. 
  • Screenfly: check what your guide looks like in different devices. Students are using laptops, tablets, and even phones to do their research. Let's make sure our content is available to them!
  • GTmetrix: if you have pictures, Javascript, or embeds on your LibGuide, it's important to check if the load times are slow. You may not be seeing how long the page is loading because browsers will commonly cache, or keep temporary files to make it load faster for you. 
  • W3C Link Checker: Springshare has a built in link checker, but it won't work unless your librarians add every link as an asset. This tool checks every link on the page, that means you have to run it through for each tab.