The Best Romance Novels for Valentine’s Day{15}

Whether you’re broken hearted, hearting your boyfriend, or just plain like hearts, Valentine’s Day is a great time to explore the romantic books out there. You can always count on the best romance novels to cheer you up, make you laugh, and renew your faith in love again. Here are some great reads for this Valentine’s Day!

Looking for Love in All the Supernatural Places

smokeandboneThe Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lanini Taylor starts off in Prague where Karou complains to her best friend Zuzana that her recent ex-boyfriend is a real orifice. He’s been extremely persistent despite the fact that Karou has decided she never wants to see his unfaithful arse again. She doesn’t get her wish when she shows up to her figure drawing class and the ex-boyfriend in question surprises her as the nude model for that day’s session. That’s where the supernatural stuff comes in. Karou wears a strand of wishes around her neck. Just really little wishes that can do things like remove a wrinkle from a piece of paper or stop a squeaking mattress. She uses the tiny wishes to make her ex-boyfriend’s cranny itch. It turns out that Karou’s family is a little odder than the usual one. She works for a strange sort of tooth fairy who creates wishes out of teeth, a woman who is half snake, and a few other characters from another world that have vaguish backgrounds.

Once you do discover the gem of a romance in this book, your heart will melt. It’s the most adorable forbidden Romeo & Juliet, star-crossed lover story and you’ll want it to end happily for them because they’re just so incredibly cute for each other.

Sick of Love

remembermeRemember Me? by Sophie Kinsella is the perfect Valentine’s Day romance novel for those who are sick of romance. It will keep you laughing and there are plenty of opportunities to hate on love. The lovable main character, Lexi has an accident and wakes up in the hospital. Her memory is a little fuzzy, but after the nurses hand her a Louis Vuitton purse, Lexi ventures a look in the mirror to find that something isn’t quite right. Her hair is smooth and gorgeous instead of its usual frizzy state, her nails are manicured, and her teeth are straight and white. Lexi, who was known as “snaggletooth” for most of her childhood, is looking in the mirror at a new and improved version of herself. When this new and improved version includes a jaw-dropping set of wedding/engagement rings and a gorgeous Armani ad husband to go with it, Lexi thinks she’s died and gone to heaven. Her doctors explain that she’s suffering from some memory loss which has removed the last two years of her life.

The reader finds out why Lexi’s new dream life might not be everything it seems, and you’ll be laughing through the whole thing. The fun part is that the story has a lot more to do with Lexi’s job, family, and dreams than a guy-centered romance plot. When the romance subplot pops up, you’ll be right there with Lexi as she tries to figure out what the heck is going on.

Embrace the Pinknessvalentineprincess

Valentine Princess by Meg Cabot is perfect for those who love the chocolate covered, ribbon wrapped, heart-studded holiday of Valentine’s Day. It’s labelled as number 7.75 in the Princess Diaries series but I think you could probably figure out what’s going on in the series if you started with this book. Mia, a girl raised in an artist loft in New York City by her mother the painter, has recently found out that she’s the inevitable and sole heir to the royal family of Genovia. This book really lays it on thick with Mia’s numerable suitors who react in various ways to the so-called Hallmark holiday buzz. And if that wasn’t all, Mia’s grandmere, the current queen of Genovia, is getting all mixed up in Mia’s love life, trying to point out which boys Mia consider as a possible future prince of Genovia. Get out the bon bons for this read and enjoy the gooeyness.


Books as Gifts

As per usual, I suggest that books are a fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day. Your sweetie will love you for your thoughtful present and you’ll be enhancing their romantic side with a story about love! Check out the two I’ve put together below.

Poetry Valentine's Day Gift
Poetry is romantic and with this magnetic poetry set, it can be a fun and silly activity for the refrigerator or the inside of your locker. Street Love by Walter Dean Meyers is where rap and poetry meet: on the street. The romantic plot is told in verse and the story is a fun, easy read since there’s a lot of white space on the pages. Be your honey’s muse and inspire some poetry of your own by adding something sweet to suck on while your significant other reads the book.
Perfect Boyfriend Gift for Valentines Day

Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan is a great plot about a musical adventure through New York City that ends in love for two teens. It’s a great gift for your sweetheart especially if you make him a playlist of your own, toss in a new pair of earbuds (cause who couldn’t use an extra pair of those?) and some heart shaped cookies. You totally get extra points if you bake them yourself and pack them in a cute little box with a napkin. Add a note with a cheesy lipstick smooch as a signature because if you can’t do that on Valentine’s Day, when can you?

So, whether you’re hating on love, loving on love, or just like hearts a lot, there are plenty of good romantic novels out there and some fun gifting opportunities!

What’s your favorite romantic novel and why?

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day; is it just a silly Hallmark holiday or a great opportunity to express how you feel to that special person in your life?